Logic's "Everybody" Album Release Teaser

Posted on by Paul DeNigris

One of the first guys I worked with in Los Angeles, JR Strickland, recruited me to contribute visual effects to a project he was working on, a release teaser for the new album "Everybody" from rapper Logic, which dropped today:

I was tasked with the visual effects for the 2 shots involving the giant painting of the album cover. Provided to me were the following elements:

  • Raw footage plates
  • Clean plates of the environment
  • Album cover art at multiple resolutions
  • Concept sketches of the album cover (seen in the final shot)
Original Plate

Original Plate

Tasks I was responsible for:

  • 3D tracking of camera for match-moving, as well as extending the front end of the move to start closer to the painting
  • Integration of painting into environment (replacing greenscreen)
  • Construction of a frame around the painting (3D projection on simple geometry)
  • Paint-outs of dolly tracks, greenscreen rigging above, and lamp cords on floor frame right

Tools used:

  • Nuke
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Mocha
Completed frame

Completed frame

The biggest challenges on this one were the tight timeframe (less than 48 hours from plates hitting my inbox to delivery of finals), the number of actors in the frame (all the kids run around and cross the painted-out areas in the second shot), and the duration of each of the shots. VFX supervisor JR did a great job supplying the materials and timely feedback, and also tackled some of the roto of the kids to assist me in the final hours. All in all this was a tough gig but very rewarding to see it come to completion and hit the web just a few days later!